August 9, 2020

Oppo Realme 1 Finally Got And New OTA Update? How To Update RealMe One

Oppo Realme 1 Finally Got And New OTA Update? How To Update RealMe One :- so guys as we all know that recently Oppo launched its sub brand which is RealMe so they launched their first smartphone which is Realme 1. So now here I will be sharing with you the latest updates of the RealMe One smartphone.

Oppo RealMe 1 Update Details

How To Update RealMe One?
How To Update RealMe One?
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So if I talk about the size of this update than it’s 1.78GB and what all improvement will you see in this I will let you know.

1 – Updates Android Security patch: – Which will keep your smartphone more safe and secure and it’s a good thing.

2 – App Install Themes: – App install which best for those who love custom skin .

3 – Optimizes Effects of third party Camera: –  Now here you will get the best optimized camera from third party. If you are using Realme 1 Then you must be aware about that if you are using any another’s third party camera app effect are not working properly now these all are working very smooth.

4 – Optimizes Backstage Memory Management: – so this is the most awaited features which we all are waiting for so after this updates your phone aap will not directly closed in background it will be available till the time you will not remove that.

5 – Add A function Of Disabling Face Id When Your Eyes Are Closed: – so as we all know that in the face if we have some issue with this smartphone if you are sleeping anyone can open your phone lock with your face but now finally after this updates your eyes should be open then your phone will unlock.

6 – Improves System Stability: – so this update your device minor problems will resolve automatically might be you are facing battery draining problem or might be you are facing call drop issue. So all these problems are fixed now.

So these 6 update which they recently release for Realme 1 users.

How To Install New Updates In RealMe 1 ?

If you want to update than you have to go to the phone setting than go to the software updates and then you will get the updates.

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