August 9, 2020

Samsung J8 Major Problems | 6 Reasons Not To buy Samsung J8

Samsung J8 Major Problems |  6 Reasons Not To buy Samsung J8 :- So hello guys here I will be sharing with you about Samsung J8 which is a newly launched smartphone by Samsung. SO here I will share with you about the major problems which I feel it should not be in this smartphone according to it’s price so below I will share all the major points which you should know before buy
Samsung J8 smartphone.

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Samsung J8 Major Problems
Samsung J8 Major Problems

Samsung J8 Display 

So this smartphone having HD + display but according to the price it should be FHD+ display so here Samsung didn’t  make us happy and we are not expecting these things to Samsung.

Samsung J8 Processor 

So this smartphone is coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 but in the price of 18,990 it should be at least Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 or 660 but they didn’t do that.

Samsung J8 NFC

So in this smartphone they didn’t add any feature of NFC which is available in the price of Rs.15, 000 smartphone.

Samsung J8 Type C

So as we all know that every company is doing the same thing they are not giving us Type-C Port so here Samsung did the same thing.

Samsung J8 Display Protection 

IN this smartphone you will not get any type of display protection which should be available but it’s not available.

Samsung J8 Price

So here comes to the final point which is the price according to the Samsung they launched this smartphone in the price of 18,990 but according to the Indian Market it should be Rs.13,000 . But however Samsung is a well know and amazing company so I hope they will launch much better smartphone in future.

6 Prefect Reasons Not To Buy Samsung J8 In Hindi

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