Reasons Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy M10 In 2019

Reasons Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy M10 In 2019:- So hello guys here I will be sharing with you about Reasons Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy M10 In 2019 so first of all I am not against any company I am just sharing my opinions. So as we all know that Samsung Galaxy M10 & M20 launched on 28th Jan 2019 and Samsung did huge marketing and create hype and after launching this smartphone this smartphone is not good at all in my opinion. 

Samsung Galaxy M10 Pros

Few things which I like the display. Actually, they are providing TFT display which is good and as Samsung was teasing Apple for its Notch smartphone now Samsung also launched a smartphone with water drop notch which seems good in this smartphone. This smartphone having Ultra-Wide angle camera. These are the only thing which I like in this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Cons

Reasons Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy M10 In 2019

Reasons Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy M10 In 2019

So, first of all, I will talk about the processor they launch this smartphone with EXYNOS 7870 which was launched in February 2016 which is an old processor and having 1.6GHz max clock speed. This smartphone doesn’t have any fingerprint sensor. They do have only facial unlock which is a little bit slow. This smartphone has a dual camera in the back which is good but they don’t have that much good quality in the camera in low lighting. And if you are planning to buy this smartphone for selfie then please don’t go for selfie because you will not able to get that good selfie. This smartphone comes with a polycarbonate body which is acceptable in this price. This smartphone is coming with Android Oreo which was not acceptable they should give Android Pie 9.0. Which is already rolled out in few devices.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Review & Conclusion

So now after everything, you wanted to know should you buy or not. If you are hardcore Samsung lover then you can go and if you are looking smartphone with a simple notch then you can go and if you want a smartphone which you wanted to use for basic uses then you can go but if you wanted smartphone in which you can Play Heavy game then you should go not go for this. You can directly go for Asus Max Pro M1, M2, etc. So for heavy usage, you need a good processor by which they can understand your all instructions.

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