8 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting In 2020?

Today we are going to talk about Free Web hosting and the advantages and disadvantages of that, or should you go for free web hosting providers if yes then why if no then why no. So here I will be sharing a video that is available in Hindi and which will going to help you out for understanding the free hosting 2020. So below you can check out all the top disadvantages & advantages of web hosting.

Disadvantages of Free Web hosting

so if you are thinking that free Web hosting is the best for you then might be you can be wrong, because there are a lot of things which you should know about free hosting websites. So let’s started with the first point which you should know before going any free Web hosting. (It doesn’t include blogger.com)

Low Bandwidth

So if you are going for Free hosting (It doesn’t include blogger.com) then you will get very limited Bandwidth like as 5 to 10 GB monthly which is not sufficient or some free hosting providing 5 to 10 GB daily but it’s not good because if you get around 500 visitors in your website will suspend so it’s the worst idea for making free web hosting.

Disk Usages

So in free hosting (It doesn’t include blogger.com), you will get limited resources on your website so you will not able to upload more data in your disk you will get hardly 5 to 10 GB monthly which is not much for any websites.

CPU Usages

Now CPU Usages is one of the most important parts of your website hosting, so if you go for free web hosting (It doesn’t include blogger.com) then you will get high CPU usages which will suspend your site in a short period.

No Backup

so this is one of the biggest problems which I think you should consider and avoid free hosting because of some time if your data crash then how will you get your data if you don’t have any backup…

Site Can Shutdown Any time

So if you are using free hosting then the hosting owner can shut down or suspend your website anytime and you don’t have any right to ask him why he did it. so your all content and all hard work lost anyways.


If you are using free web hosting then you will not get good loading speed because they are sharing shared hosting with you, which has a lot of other users and they are using cheap or you can say low-quality hosting which makes your site slow.


so as per my experience I saw a lot of free web hosting and they will keep showing advertisement in your content which is irrelevant from your websites.

Customer Support & Chat Support

In free hosting, you will not get any support and it will not give you chat, email, or any type of support which is the biggest disadvantage in free hosting.

 One More bonus point.
If you have a website that is based on a database ( private information like as:- contact numbers, photos, etc) can be leaked or compromised easily.

Advantages of Free Web hosting

 So if you still want to go for a free hosting website then you can also check out the advantages of free webhosting. 

1 – It’s free 
2 – It’s free Free
3- It’s free Free Free
4 – It’s free Free Free Free
5 – It’s free  Free Free Free Free
6 – It’s free  Free Free Free Free Free

Free Web Hosting Advantages & Disadvantages 

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Conclusion of Free Web Hosting

So as above I already shared all about the things which you should know about the free webhosting. Now if you are still thinking to go for free webhosting then you are going for the wrong but if you want to go just check for trial then go for that but if you want to make a career then go for the premium once. Or you can go for a blogger where you will get the best amazing speed, unlimited bandwidth which you will not get anywhere else.

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