How To Choose A Domain Name In Hindi 2020

Choosing a Domain Name is one of the most difficult task of those who don’t know how to choose a domain name for their websites. So here in this article i will be going to share few of my thoughts what all you should know before buying a domain name.

However, most people don’t know, how to choose the right domain for their website however the domain name matters a lot for your websites in initial days. Here I will be going to share with you about the same and going to help you out how you can select the domain name for your websites. You can also check out the video for the same which is mention below.

Choose A Domain Name

So their are few points which i will be going to share with you about the domain name selection, which is very important thing.

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Your Topic

Your topic should be clear and you should be specific for your content and you should know what content you are going to provide your audience. But if you are not specific about your content then you will not get any benefits on your website and you need to work hard for that. But if you are specific for any particular topic then you can provide good content in a short time which is the best and amazing thing.



Be Specific about the domain if your business is local or your website is only for a particular area then you should go for your country extension (like as .in for India, .pk for Pakistan, etc….) however your website is for everyone in worldwide then you can go for (.com, .org, .net, etc). But if you are providing content in any particular then select the specific area domain Example ” if you are is in India and you are proving domain for only Indian Audience then you should go for .in” however if you are working for a broad audience then you should go for .com domain name.


Don’t Try To Copy

Don’t ever dare to copy someone’s domain name, because it wants going to help you anymore in 2020 but yes you can copyright from the owner. For example, if you are planning to make a Whatsapp website then don’t try to use Whatsapp name on your websites URL {www Whatsapp_wishes com } so then can put a copyright on your domain and you can’t do anything. So don’t try to copy the name.


Small & Short

Most of the people never think about this that short domain is the best for the websites of you can say small domain name, basically is you are going for a small domain name then you will easy to remember for your audience but if you are going for a long domain name then its not easy and catchy for anyone so always choose short and small catch domain which is easy to remember for everyone.


Choose A Domain Name Full Video Explain

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So now let’s come to the conclusion How to Choose A Domain Name In 2020 so as per my thoughts I shared with you about the what type of domain name you can go for, why you should stick in one niche, what type of extension should you go for & small & Short name is the best. So as per my views, you can go for .com either it’s your local business or international business, the reason behind that the .com is easy to remember and most of the people always search for the .com in the name. And by using .com you will get a broad audience, not from only a particular place from every corner of the world.

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