So hello, Everyone. I am Shivankar Kukshal, and I love writing and making videos about blogging and how to earn money online.

You must be thinking, who Is Shivankar Kukshal?

Hey, I am the person behind and Shivahinditech Youtube Channel, and I love to share the knowledge about blogging and taught people about the same.

What is my profession?

As per my profession, I was a hotelier, and I worked with The Oberoi & Taj Hotel. After that, I left and joined a hospital as Guest RelationShip Manager, but due to covid 19, I left my job and back home on 22 March 2020.

What i am Doing now?

I have my own business so i am working on that.

When Did I started Blogging, and why I left?

I started blogging in 2013, and my first blog was, That blog was very good for me, and I earn a decent amount from that blog. Once I started to work on my blog, I was not aware of Google Adsense policy, so I tried to work on that, but I was not getting results. I get AdSense disapproved mail various times almost (20 to 30 times at least), and I tried within six months. And then, I started to read and understand the policy, and then I apply for AdSense, and I got approval. So after a long time of hard work, it pays you when you start to understand all the things.

So my Adsense got Approved, and I received my first payment, which was Rs. 14,000+ check, which was an outstanding achievement for me, and then next month, I got 42,000+ in my account. So then I started to earn money.

After one year, I left blogging. I joined BBA-HM (Bachelors In Business Administration & Hospitality Management). Then I joined Oberoi and Taj; after joining the hotel, I didn’t get the time to sleep, so I stop blogging.

Why I start ShivaHindiTech Youtube Channel?

So when I got some time, I thought to start a channel. Still, I was confused about which type of channel I should start, so I started a channel in which I was sharing tech unboxing, tech reviews, and many more other things. Still, I was not happy to make such videos, so I started to think again and scroll the youtube videos, so I searched for related blogging. Still, I could not find accurate information about the same, and I was getting the wrong information, so that day, I thought I should start a blogging channel. I started to work on that and sharing whatever I know about the same. From that day till today, I am working on the Shivahinditech youtube channel.

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