How to disable RSS feed on WordPress and Google Search Console

Disable RSS feed From Google Search Console

So today we are going to share about the best and simple way to remove feed & RSS from URL. 

Why should we remove feed and RSS URLs from the URL of your website. However, there is a simple example of the same. 

Feed in URL

The actual URL should be

 WordPress Disable RSS Feed With Plugin

First thing you need to download WordPress plugging disable everything and then this will be going to help you to remove the RSS/ feed from your website URLs in the search console.  All the steps are mentioned below, and a video is also available at below with full steps. 

Disable RSS / Feed with WordPress Plugin (Disable Everything) Step By Step

Open the plugin page and click on Add New Plugin.

How to install the Disable everything plugin on your website

Now search for the “Disable Everything” Plugin.  

install disable everything plugin

Now go to setting and open the “Disable Everything” Plugin. 

Open Setting Disable Everthing

Once you open the setting, then just tick on the RSS Feed Option. 

Disable Everything Setting

Now save this and you are ready to go. 

FAQ :-

Why Should We Disable RSS/Feed From WordPress?

It will create duplicate URLs on your website, and google hates duplicate URLs.

How to fix the feed URL issue in Google Search Console?

You just need to resolve this issue in your website as mentioned in the above images and below you can check out the videos step by step.

How to Fix feed issue in Crawled But Currently Not Index in Search Console?

So to resolve this issue, you just need to install the “Disable Everything” Plugin in your WordPress, and it’s ready to go.

Disable RSS / Feed From Webmaster Search Console | Crawled – currently not indexed

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