Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2021 – Get Approved in 24Hours 100% Working

So if you are trying to get “Google Adsense Approval“, and you cannot get the approval. 

Then no worry, your brother is here to tell you each and everything about “how to get Google AdSense approval in 24 hours” and the tricks that most people are using to get the same. 

What Is Google Adsense?

One of the most common questions every student asks when they put their first step in blogging. And they wanted to know google Adsense.

Basically, ” It’s a program run by Google through which website publisher (owner) in Google Network Of Content Sites Serve Video, Images, Interactive Media Ads & Text which targeted the site audience and content. And this is handle by Google itself. 

I hope you understand the same. 

Google Adsense Account Create

If you Just Put your first step into blogging, you are not aware of how to log in to Google Adsense Account but now worry, here we will tell you how you can Sing Up & Login in Google Adsense Account. 

Google Adsense Sign Up

First of all, you need to open After then click on Sign Up Now.

Google Adsense Sign Up

Now Fill Your Website Details and others.

Google Adsense

select your country and accept the agreement and then just hit the Submit button. 

Google Adsense

You will see the payment address details. Just fill in all the details which are required below. And Then Submit. 

Google Adsense

Then you will get a code that you need to place on your website and then save it on your website <head> section.  

Now your application successfully has been submitted, and now wait for Google to check out your websites. 

Google Adsense Youtube

Many people have significant confusion about Google Adsense and youtube earning. If you wanted to earn your google Adsense with youtube, you need to complete the requirement; you will easily make money from Google Adsense. But nowadays it isn’t very easy for everyone.  

Google Adsense Payment

how to get Google Adsense Payment“, so most of the new bloggers always ask this question how and when will they send payments to us. 

So just let me tell you about the payment, basically, first of all, you need to complete the pin verification, and for that, you need to achieve $10. After that, you will get pin verification at your address, enter the pin and then complete the pin verification task. 

After that, you will get the payment option to add the payment method, and then it’s done, and you will get your payment once you complete $100 and the payment release on the 21st of every month, and you get the amount from 24th to 29th of every month. 

Now Each And Everything is mentioned above, now let’s talk about what we should focus on, so we quickly got an account. 

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How To Get Google Adsense Account Easily in 2021

Now here I will tell you how you will get Adsense Account Easily in 2021. So check out below.

  1. Content:- As content is the king of every posted article and whatever you say, and if your content is good, you will get the traffic, and google loves to see high-quality content, to engage more people. 
  2. Duplicate:- So Creating Duplicate Content is one of the worst things that google didn’t like. And if you use Duplicate Content or Copy Paste Content on your website, you will not be going to get any Approval in your Adsense account. 
  3. Family-Friendly Content: So most of the people didn’t understand what that is, so I will explain to you, in short, family-friendly means the content which you can see with your family. 
  4. Gambling, Drugs & Weapons: If you are promoting these types of things or planning to do that, it will not be beneficial for your website, and you will not get your account approved at any cost. 
  5. Pages & Categories: While Creating these, you need to make Proper Pages (About Us Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer). Whatever categories you made, add at least five articles in every category. 
  6. Age Limit: While applying for Google Adsense, you must be 18+; otherwise, you are not eligible for this. 
  7. 3rd Party Advertisement: If you are trying to apply for Google Adsense, you need all third-party ads. If you don’t remove those, then you will not get approval at any cost. 

These are the main things you should follow if you follow want to apply for google Adsense in 2021. 


Question – How many times I can change the address in the Adsense account if my channel just monetizes please reply to me?
Answer – try to do it very rarely because of this your account can be disabled.

Question – kya blog ki site pr Adsense approved ho skta h
Answer – Yes but agar aap sare rules follow karte ho to easily mil jayega.

Question – Can we still get your Adsense account approved by having just a youtube channel or does it require a blog or website for the Adsense account to be approved?
Answer – if you are working on youtube and you completed 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers then you don’t need to go for a website you will get an adsense account easily.

Question – agar aapki age 18 years se kam hai to adsense account kaise bnaye?
Answer – Agar Apki agae 18 se kam hai to aap apne family members ki details dal ke approval le shakte ho.

Question – adsense account check kaise kare?
Answer – Jab Apka Account Approved Ya Disapproved hoga apko ek mail aa jayega jisme sab likha Hoga.

Question – adsense se automatic paisa cut kaise roke?
Answer – Yeh Akshar Tab hota hai jab invalid click apki website mai aate hai.

Question – Adsense kya Hota hai or kitne type ka hota h?
Answer – Yeh Ek type ke hote hai.

Question – How long can I depend on Adsense?
Answer – Till the time you have the traffic you will get money and you can depend on that.

Question – There are 3 ads on my website but when I see it on mobile ads are more how can I control ads on mobile Adsense ads on Blogger?
Answer – So if you are facing this problem then just turn off Auto Ads and then your work is done only place manual Ads according to you.

Question – kya pe Adsense approve Hota hai?
Answer _ yes Milta hai but apko sari processes proper follow Karni hogi.

So I hope this article was helpful for you if it was, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. And keep tuned with us for more updates. 

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