Grammarly Review 2021: Grammarly Free LifeSaver For You

So most people still don’t know about Grammarly and don’t understand its use. 

But If you are one of them. 

No Need To Worry Because here I will be going to share with you about Grammarly Tool, which will go to the fantastic tool.  

And why and how Grammarly can be your lifesaver. 

What Is Grammarly?


So Grammarly is one of the fantastic tools that can help you resolve your grammatical mistakes and become your teacher. While I am writing this article, I am still using Grammarly for my Content Writing.

In Grammarly, you will get your Real-Time Feedback while using Gmail, google docs, Twitter, or many other things. 

So Grammarly is a tool developed in America that provides a digital writing assistance tool based on Artificial Intelligence, and it has Natural language Processing. 

How To Get Grammarly Free For Life Time

This is one of the most asked questions, how to get Grammarly for free in 2021, so here we will give you the official solution for that. 

So they have their free version, which has some limitations which you can use for a lifetime with restrictions. 

In Free Plans, You will Get just three things, which are sufficient for a regular user. 

  • Spelling Correction
  • Grammar Correction
  • Punctuation Correction

Grammarly Premium Accounts 2021

Now, let’s talk about its premium plans, so this version is best for you if you are a content writer because it will help you solve your problems. 

What are the Major Features of Grammarly Premium Accounts in 2021

As above, I shared with you about the Free Version of Grammarly. Now just let me tell you about the Premium features of Grammarly. 

  • Grammar Correction
  • Spelling Correction
  • Punctuation Correction
  • Consistency in Spelling & Punctuation
  • Fluency
  • Conciseness
  • Clarity-focused Sentence Rewrites
  • Formatting
  • Compelling Vocabulary 
  • Lively Sentence Variety
  • Tone Detection
  • Confident Writing
  • Politeness
  • Formality Level
  • Plagiarism Detection

So these all are the significant features of its Premium Account. Now let’s talk about its Business Account. 

So the  Premium Account is available in three billings plans, Monthly, Quarterly & Annual. 

So if you buy Monthly Plans it will cost you around $29.95 a Month. But if you wanted to go for Quarterly Plans, it will cost you $19.98 per month. But if you wanted to go for Annual Plans it will cost you around $11.66 per month. 

Business Account 2021

As above, I shared with you about the Free & Premium Grammarly Account in 2021 now. Let’s talk about the business account of Grammarly

So this account is specially made for business or a team. However, they provide some fantastic features in Grammarly Business Account, so let’s talk about its Business’s Features. 

  • All Te Features of Premium
  • Style Guide 
  • Admin Panel 
  • Centralized Billing
  • Priority Email Support
  • SAMIL SSO (For Account With 50+ Users) 
  • You can add a Team of 1 to 150 Members

Grammarly Business Plan Charges Per Month

For a single user, it will be $25 per month if you select Monthly Billing.

But if you for Annual Billing, it will be $12.50 per month. ( Just Flat 50% off) and that’s the great thing about the Annual Plan. 

Grammarly Plans Comparison

FeaturesFree PlanPremium PlanBusiness Plan
Grammar, Spelling & PunctuationYesYesYes
Consistency In Punctuation & SpellingNoYesYes
ConcisenessLimited SitesAll SitesAll Sites
Clarity-Focused Sentence RewritesNoYesYes
Compelling VocabularyNoYesYes
Lively Sentence VarietyNoYesYes
Tone DetectionLimited SitesAll SitesAll Sites
Confident WritingNoYesyes
Formality LevelNoYesYes
Inclusive LanguageNoYesYes
Plagiarism DetectionNoYesyes
Number Of Licenses1 User1 User3+ Users
Individual AccountsYesYes Yes
Style GuideNoNoYes
Admin PanelNoNoYes
Centralized BillingNoNoYes
Team Usage StatisticsNoNoYes
Priority Email SupportNonoYes
SAML SSO (For Accounts With 50+ Users)NoNoFor Account with 50+ Users
Buy (Special Discount)Click To BuyClick To buy Click To buy

Should You Go For Grammarly In 2021

Now it’s a trick question, should you go for that or not. 

So My Answer is yes, you can go for free Plans in the initial days, and if you found it worth it for you, then sufficient, but if you want more features, you can upgrade the same and get more options to enhance the writing skills. 

Is Grammarly Price Is Worth

So Grammarly is a fantastic tool, and I even use that for my content writing.

But will it worth it for you…

Yes, it’s worth, if you are a content writer and you need to provide fantastic service. Because it will also helo you to resolve writing error, and it can be you, lifesaver. 


As per my recommendation, you can go for this fantastic tool, but this tool is excellent, helping you. Still, if you wanted this every month, it will be very costly; try to get this tool annually, if the possible otherwise free version is also available. 

So this is all about this. If you like this, don’t forget to share it with your friends and keep tuned with us for more updates. 


How Many Devices Can I Use Grammarly At Once?

It’s up to your plan, But It works on only 5 Devices. 

Why Grammarly Bad?

Basically, no human is sitting over there while trying to correct your problems, but yes, it gives a fantastic result. You can say 9 out of 10. Which is amazing. 

Does Grammarly Steal Your Data?

No, they don’t try to Steal your data for anything.

How do I know Grammarly is working or not?

So once you log in, it will start working, and when you write something, they will give you suggestions on that word you can fix quickly. If you install Grammarly Extension, you will get all the solutions for the same. 

Who Uses Grammarly?

So this tool is potent, and anyone can use this software either as students, teachers, professionals, or content writers. Anyone can use this with any issue. 

Will Grammarly Can work offline?

Sorry to say to you, but this is an online tool, and it needs an internet connection, which helps to fetch the data from the server and give the result to the user. 

How Grammarly Make Money Without Advertising?

Basically, most people think that they just have only free plans, but no, they do have business and premium plans subscriptions by which they are making money. 

Is Grammarly Chinese App?

No, it’s not a Chinese app; it’s an American App.

What is Grammarly’s Good Score?

It’s 60% Minimum.

Is Grammarly Support Other Language Then English?

No, It doesn’t support Any Other at this movement. 

Is Grammarly 100% Accurate?

It’s Accurate but not 100%, but it caught almost every error and improved the quality of writing. 

What is the Grammarly app?

It’s an online tool that helps you write good content and help you resolve grammatical, Spelling, Punctuation, Word Choice, Formality Level, Fluency mistakes, and write a fantastic article. 

Is Grammarly safe to use?

Yes, it’s safe to use, and it saves your lot of time & errors. 

How long does Grammarly take to respond?

Once you are log in to the same, you will get the access, and it works instantly. 

How much does Grammarly cost?

There are three plans.

  • Free ( you will get limitation)
  • Premium ($29.95 per month)
  • Premium (If you go for Quarterly $19.98 per month)
  • Premium (If you Go For Annually $11.66 per month)
  • Business ($25 per month)
  • Business (If you go for Anual Billing, then It will be $12.50 per month)

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