High CPC Keyword For Children’s Day In India

High CPC Keyword For Children’s Day In India:- so most people wanted to work on Children’s day but they don’t know the focus keywords in which they can work. so here in this article, I will be sharing with you the best and High CPC keywords that you can use in your article.

However, we all know that blogging is an amazing, thing if you know how to do that but till the time if you are not aware of the keyword then you can’t do anything. And you can’t earn decent money. so this article is for all of the bloggers who are new in this or old in this. If you are new then you should go for 0 to 10 Difficulty. Or if you are pro then you can choose any of them.

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Children’s Day India High CPC Keywords

S.NOKeywordCountryDifficultyVolumeCPC $Clicks
1children’s day Indiain34220002.542237
2happy children’s dayin260002.5894
3children’s day speechin045001.42260
4children’s day speechin134001.71841
5children’s day celebrationin125001.7420
6about children’s dayin1321001.91056
7thought of the day for kidsin1518001.6701
8speech on children’s dayin114001.4859
9children’s day cardin010001136
10importance of children’s dayin510001.2454
11children’s day speech in Englishin110001.1702
12children’s day essayin08001.8399
13children’s day in Indiain27002228
14children’s day celebration in schoolin07002.5301
15Jawaharlal Nehru quotes on children’s dayin2600288
16why do we celebrate children’s dayin45001.2195
17children day celebrationin25001.3101
18children’s day in Indiain14002192
19November 14 children’s dayin24001.389
20speech about children’s dayin13502179
21Jawaharlal Nehru children’s dayin23501.762
22images of children’s dayin03001.159
23children’s day speech in Teluguin03001.4222
24why is children’s day celebratedin102501.169
25why we celebrate children’s dayin12501.4180
26speech for children’s dayin12502207
27children’s day images with Nehruin02501.538
28article on children’s dayin02001.5135
29children’s day Indiain2200174
30what is children’s dayin9200150
31information about children’s dayin112001.2130
32how to celebrate children’s dayin42001.2103
33children’s day informationin122001.8111
34short speech on children’s dayin12001.5136
3514th November children’s dayin3200287
36jawaharlal nehru speech for childrenin32001.5
37children’s day thoughtsin31501.6
38speech of children’s dayin01501.5
39children’s day program ideasin11501.7
40चिल्ड्रेन डेin0150355
41children’s day quotes from teachersin11501.433
42Jawaharlal Nehru speech on children’s dayin41501.396
43happy children’s day cardin0150112
44paragraph on children’s dayin01501.1111
45children’s day videoin11001
46children’s day in Teluguin01002
47children’s day paragraphin01001.4
48children’s day quotes in Teluguin01001.3
49children’s day celebration in schoolin0902.5
50children’s day in India speechin4901.5
51when is children’s day celebrated in Indiain1902
52children’s day speech for UKg studentsin0901
53interesting facts about Indian historyin7901.1
54speech on today’s children future of Indiain0801.4
55happy children picturesin3801.8
56children’s newspaper Indiain3801
57essay about children’s dayin0601.157
58about children’s day in Indiain4601.5
59paragraph on children’s day in Englishin0602
60June 1 children’s dayin7502.5
61images of children’s day in Indiain1502.5
62the simple thought of the day for kidsin13402.5
63lines on children’s dayin0301.1
64history of child rights in Indiain13301

High CPC Keywords In India

As above I already mention all the major and top keywords which you can use in your blog and make decent money from that in India. So CPC starts from 1$ to 2.5$ if you get clicks from India, which is a good CPC as per my knowledge. But yes if you are able to make decent traffic in the first keyword that has 2.5$ CPC,

And if you got 100 Clicks that means you will get $250 which is not a bad deal at all. and if you rank in the first keyword which has 422000 traffic, so if you got only 20000 traffic that means you will get around 1500 to 2000 clicks minimum, if you placed your ads properly. that means if you calculate your income 2.5$x1500 or 2.5$ x 2000 (3750$ or 5000$) or if you convert this to Indian Rupees then it will be around Rs.2,79,939 or Rs.3,73,252.

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So if you have any questions then comment below and keep tuned with us for more updates and keep sharing.

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