How to Get Massive Traffic from Quora For Free

Everyone wants to get high-quality traffic from Quora. But actually, they are not aware about Quora how to use Quora and what are the ways to get traffic from Quora. As we all are aware, ­­­Quora is one of the most popular forum websites, where you can ask questions, and you will be answered. But today I am going to tell you every possible method to get traffic from Quora.

However, most people thinking about how to get traffic from Quora so no need to worry here I will tell you how you can get wonderful traffic on your website and increase your revenue.

Most people still don’t know how to use Quora to drive traffic, but today I will be going to tell you everything about Quora how to drive traffic and how you get more visitors from Quora.

How to Get Traffic From Quora

So first you need to create your account in Once your account is created, then start filling in the basic details like your name, bio description, education & location.  Once you are done with that, then just follow topics that are relevant to your website.

After that, you just have to search your keyword in Google and just add Quora on that, and you will find all the results which are available on Quora’s official website.

Example: – how to drive traffic in website Quora

How to Get Massive Traffic from Quora in For Free

Once you get the result open the first 4 to 5 results in different tabs and once that openly choose the highest follow the question.


How to Get Massive Traffic from Quora in For Free

Once you found the high followers on the post, then just answer that post and add your website link to that answer. But always remember, don’t try to spam. 

On the right side, you will see some question which is essential for your website. Check out the below image for more clarification.

Example image –

Get Massive Traffic from Quora

Now add those questions to your FAQ section. And it will increase your website ranking and all these questions will work as your Long Tail Keywords.

Once you are done with that now search in Quora for the same topic. And you will get some more questions that you will add in your article FAQ section.

Get Traffic from Quora

Now you will get some more questions and that will be going to help you a lot in this section, so add those as well which are relevant to your articles.

Quora Traffic Guidelines

  • Don’t try to spam
  • So, always keep the ratio of 1:10 in linking. That means, if you give the answer to 10 questions, add a link only in 1 Answer.
  • Consistency is mandatory

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How to Increase Traffic From Quora Full Tutorial


How can I generate massive traffic from Quora to my site?

So, this is one of the most asked questions from every beginner. Therefore, you just search your topic in google including Quora in your keyword, and you will get the question just answer that and add a link on high follow questions.

How do I get traffic from Quora 2022?

If you want to traffic from Quora, just follow the highest following question and upvote them, you will get the result.

How can I get traffic from Quora for my technical blog?

If you are working on a technical blog, then you just need to search the technical question and answer those questions, and you will get the result.

How do I get free traffic on Quora?

Quora is a free platform you just have to find out the correct question for your website, which people are searching and answer the question as soon as possible you can.

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