PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date | Game Size & Features

So Are you waiting for the PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date? Then you are in the right place because here we are going to tell you about the same. 

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Trailer

So the first trailer was released on 6 May 2021, and the trailer was just 10 seconds. And On that, they mention that PUBG mobile is coming soon. 

The second trailer was released on 7 May 2021, and that was just a 26-second trailer, and they reveal the logo. 

The third trailer was released on 14 May 2021, and that was just 17 seconds, and they reveal about pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The fourth video was released on 18 May 2021, and it was just 31 seconds; they also shared about Pre-Registration, but there are some celebrities on that trailer. Dynamo, Kronten, Jonathon & Arshad Warsi.

Fifth VideoVideo Was released on 27 May 2021, and it was just 15 seconds. They again shared about the pre-registration. And ask Pre-registration Kiya Kya?

Sixth Video was released on 4 June 2021, and it was just 15 Seconds. They again shared about the pre-registration. 

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Game Size

Above I already shared with you about the trailer, I will talk about mobile PUBG battleground game size, so as previously the game size was around 650MB, and in this version, they are coming with around the same size, 600MB to 700MB. And once the game download, you need to download the maps as well. 

PUBG Battlegrounds India New updates

This game will be coming very soon, and the game is fantastic, and there are few updates about the game. This game will support a 2GB RAM smartphone very easily. Everyone can enjoy the lag-free game. 

They are coming with the latest new dance emotes. 

New Map is coming with the new name of the locations. 

They are coming with new outfits few are showing the Indian Tradition. 

PUBG Battlegrounds India Pre-registration

So the pre-registration is already started long back, and currently, they already completed 20Million+ registration. 

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

So this game is the most awaited game, and this will be coming on 18 June 2021 as per some strong rumors. So we will keep you update about the same. 

FAQ of PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India

Q- PUBG Mobile India download link APK?

A – So currently, this game official apk is not launched in India. As soon as it’s available, we will keep you update. 

Q – PUBG Indian version download?

A – So this game will be coming on 18 June 2021, and then you will get the Indian Version of PUBG?

Q – Pubg battlegrounds mobile India release date?

A – this game is coming on 18 June 2021

Q – Pubg battlegrounds mobile pre-registration?

A – So here, you will get the pre-registration link for the official Battlegrounds mobile. (

Q – PUBG battlegrounds mobile India official website?

A –

Q – Battleground Mobile India Play Store?

A –

Q – Battleground Mobile India Play Store pre-registration link

A –

So keep tuned with us for more updates. 

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