PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest Update Full Details Size, Release Date, Trailer

In 2020 PUBG ban in India, and Still, this Game is Ban, But they know the potential of the Indian Market, and they start to work and that and finally, they are coming back to India with the New Name “PUBG PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds India.” And if you are not aware of what they are going to introduce to you, then no need to worry. Here I am sharing with you the full details of the upcoming PUBG India

Many people had questions, and most of the people are still thinking will this coming for sure. What will be the name of this so that I will give you the answer to all your questions? So what is the new name of PUBG Mobile? and it’s one of the most asked questions, and the name is Battleground mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Details

As Krafton was trying to come with PUBG Mobile, they finally decided to change the whole game name and relaunch the game. 

PUBG Battleground Mobile India Trailer & Latest Poster

Battleground Mobile Available In Korean Verison

So basically, you will be getting all the same features available in the Korean version of PUBG. 

PUBG Battleground Mobile India Launch date

As per some strong rumor, this game will be coming on June First week. And if we talk about the trailer, then it will be coming in Mid May. 

What Are the Major Changes in PUBG Battleground Mobile India 

So all the changes of PUBG Mobile are mention below. 

  • First significant Changes They changed the name of the game from PUBG MOBile to Battleground Mobile India. 
  • They are also going to change the name of the location in maps with Indian Cities. 
  • In the new version, you can also see the Indian Culture Uniform In the game. 
  • In Battleground, you will see the new weapons, Vehicles, and many more new things they will introduce. 

Battleground Mobile India Game Size In MB Or GB

As per the news, nothing confirmed yet, but after all, there are some rumors which tell a lot so that this game will be 600MB To 800MB, but this is just a game file, once you download the game, you need to download the maps as well which is around 300MB to 400MB. So it’s total around 1GB to 1.2GB. 

How to Download Battleground Mobile India Game In Android And IOS

Once the game is released, then you can easily download the game without any issue. If you are an android user, then just follow the below instructions. 

  • Just Open Play Store
  • Search For “Battleground Mobile India”
  • Just Click on First App and Install that. Once it’s started, wait for some time while it’s downloading Additional Files. 
  • Once it’s done, open the game and download maps as per your preferences. 

Now let’s talk about “how to Install Battelgroung Mobile India In IOS.” 

  • for this, you just need to Open App Store
  • Search for “Battleground Mobile”
  • Just Click to Install and wait till the time it is completed. 
  • Once It’s done, then just Open and download the Map According to Your Choice. 

FAQ Battleground Mobile India

Q – Battleground Mobile India Offical Website?

A – it’s an Indian website, but few changes happen in KR ( 

Q – Is PUBG Back In India?

A – Yes, PUBG Is coming back in India but coming with a new name, Battleground Mobile India. 

Q – What is the Full Form of BGMI?

A – BattleGround Mobile India is the complete form of BGMI.

Q – PUBG Mobile India Game Launch Date?

A – This will be coming in First Week on June 2021.

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