How To Rank in google first page

Most Important Ranking Factors In Google 2021 – Beginner Guide

So if you are new to blogging then your dream to rank on Google’s first page in the top position.

but you don’t know how to rank on Google’s first page

No Need to worry today here I am going to share few things which will going to help you out to increase your website ranking in google and will be going to help you out to get more organic traffic. 

So what are the major factors or key factors of SEO in 2021? 

Now if you are a beginner then you should under few things before we proceed further. 

Ranking Factors of Google in 2021

So there are many things that you need to understand about blogging if you wanted to rank on google’s first page in 2021

  1. Keyword Research – A lot of beginners never did keyword research on their website and just write an article, but they even don’t know how important is keyword research in 2021. So always do keyword research before writing any content. 
  2.  Page Loading Speed – Most people ignore this and use cheap hosting, and they will not get the traffic but due to the high bounce rate the website never comes on top of the page. and this matters a lot in 2021 so always focus on website speed as well. 
  3. AMP – AMP will give you a golden opportunity to rank higher, and load your website quickly. Because most of the new beginners even don’t know about the AMP and they didn’t use that on their websites. 
  4. URL Structure – One of the most important things which you need to focus that your website URL should be proper, nowadays most people are creating confusion to creating URL structure however this should be clean. Just an example ( this is right at this movement) 
  5. Unique Content – Most people never use unique content and they just use any bot spinner or some copy content article which make their website like scrab and that’s very bad for a beginner. As you already heard about “content Is the King” and its right content is the king. 
  6. High-Quality Backlinks – By using this you can help your website to rank fast till the time your website is fresh and new. So that will also be going to help to increase your website authority. And also help to drive traffic to your website
  7. Social Sharing – New bloggers never share their website in social sharing but they are doing wrong they should share as much as they can in social media new beginning. 
  8. Interlinking – This mistake is also done by a lot of people and especially beginners so always add relevant interlinks to your website. which will help you out to reduce the bounce rate and help to increase the time duration of users. 
  9. SSL Certificate – So this is one of the most important things which you need to focus on because this will put your website fully secure.
  10. Google Webmaster Issues – Most people never focus on core web vitals in webmaster, and never fix the issue which was mentioned in the webmaster. So always check the webmaster and fix all the issues which you have on your website. 

Do’s & Don’ts In Google Ranking 2021

Do’s In Google Ranking 2021

  • Always provide unique content because your content is everything for your visitors. 
  • USE Simple Layout of your website
  • USE proper website URL Structure
  • Always try to increase website loading time and that will help you to control your website bounce rate. 
  • Keyword research is the base of your blog and it will grow your website fast if you do all the things properly. 
  • Always try to make new high-quality backlinks from another website. 
  • Inter-backlinks to be used but only relevant links.
  • always try to fix all webmaster issue
  • SSL certificate to be used

Don’ts In Google Ranking 2021

  • Never use duplicate content or copy content. 
  • Article spinner and the spin bot are the worst things and put your website in a danger zone.
  • Creating useless backlinks is a waste of time

and many more things. 

As above I shared few steps which you should understand. 


If you are new then you should understand these steps in the beginning but this is not over yet there are many more other things which you need to understand in blogging, and always try to experiment because it will give you more knowledge. 

If you do like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and keep tuned with us for more updates and keep sharing. 

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