How to Rewrite Old Blog Posts to Regain Rankings In 2021

You disappoint to accept the fact that there are billions of blogs in the world; that’s roughly one blog for every nine people. What you need to understand is that blogging is a rather quality game than quantity. 

It is for sure in such a highly technical competitive era. One will think HOW? Stay calm; today, I will share how you can rewrite your old blog to regain ranking. Here is the key to your entire paragraph rewriter.

Before moving toward the ways of rewriting your old blog posts to regain ranking, it is mandatory to have an idea about the reasons that cause your old articles to dip day by day.

Reasons for Dipping Your Old Blog Post Ranking:

There are a few factors behind your old blog losing its charm. Let’s have a quick look:

Obsolete and unnecessary information:

One of the reasons your blog ranking is not high is due to obsolete and unnecessary information. There is nothing updated and refreshing in your old blog.

Low-quality Backlinks:

Your blog post does not have high-quality backlinks.

Irrelevant Topic:

Irrelevant is any material that is not related to the topic. This is one of the major reasons why your blog post does not rank higher.

Not Correct Subtopics Coverage:

Subtopics give extra details about the topic, and for that, you must understand the issue and its broader aspect. Many bloggers freelancers do not have any idea of certain elements. This is also a reason for not gaining high rankings.

Poor Selection of Keywords:

Poor selection of keywords is also a reason for low ranking.

Plagiarized work:

Google never loves plagiarized work to support blog high ranking.

Missed Targeting keywords:

You miss or overlook using keyword in your blog post that Google notifies and cause low ranking.

Benefits of Paragraph Rewriter to Regain Ranking:

After reasons, it is vital to put light on the benefits of rewriting your old post.

Improved ranking:

Rewriting a blog will improve your blog ranking. Once you realize that your piece of content is stagnant, you need to rewrite the article as Google loves new and relevant information.

Source of Updated information:

With the internet, everything is changing just like the world is entirely dynamic. Hence latest information will catch more traffic on your blog.

Broader Aspect of Topic via Questioning Form:

Asking a question to you is also a unique plus point to regain ranking. Paragraph rewriting gives a broader aspect to your readers. Ultimately, it regains your blog ranking.

What they cannot find out at another site they get at your blog. You need to rewrite using Article Rewriter, but before the restart, I want you to ask yourself a few questions to expand and make your old-fashioned blog better than all other competitors. These questions are:

  • What is outdated in my blog post?
  • How many blogs do I write in a week?
  • What needs to be fixed to regain rankings?
  • How can I rewrite my blog to make it better?
  • What needs to be removed that causing a high drop in regaining ranking?

Remember, just because you rank number two, three, or five on Google does not mean that you need to rank higher to get more traffic. If you convince more people to click on your blog over the competitors, you are going to overpower.

How to rewrite Your Old Blog Post by Article Rewriter to regain ranking:          

Article Rewriter is one of the major magical text rewriter tools to regain ranking. The bonus point is that it is free.

Just follow the following steps as are given in the picture, and let’s practically do it without wasting time:

Upload a file:

First of all, upload a file.

Paste your Content in the Input Box

Second, paste your content in the Input Box as shown on the screen in the picture and click “Rewrite Article.”

4 Steps to rewrite old blog to regain ranking:

As you can see, 4 steps will make your old blog contemporary and demanding.

  • Step 1 is “Paste Duplicated Article.”
  • Step 2 is “Processing.”
  • Step 3 is Rewriting.
  • Step 4 is “Done Article.”                                                                                     

Step 3 plays a vital role here, as new ones will replace old used words. For example, in place of ”Conscious of, “ it gives many options, or you have another option “Add your own words.” To add, it changes active into passive voice and directly responds to Indirect Speech. After your old blog going through all this process, press “OK” and “Next.”

Plagiarism Free Content:

You are well aware that Google does not prefer plagiarized work, as we have discussed earlier. So Article Rewriter, a tool used in SEO, helps you producing plagiarism-free content.

High-quality backlinks:

One study by Ahrefs shows the linear correlation between backlinks and search traffic. Search man ran a similar study and found out that backlinks are the most strongly correlated factors for SEO success, as is shown in Article Rewriter Visibility Search Report below.

What correlation means here is the more backlinks you get, the better your chances of getting organic search traffic are. Though, you do not necessarily need to be proactive about going outreach to get backlinks.

If you are writing amazing content or creating superb products or services, or even getting press, you will naturally generate backlinks. Here, what you find is as your site generates more backlinks, all your blog content will start getting more search traffic and ranking higher.


To conclude, check article rewriter tool search visibility detail is given below.

After passing through the Paragraph rewriter stage by the Article Rewriter app, the visibility score of your blog will automatically bounce up. To add, all keywords associated with your blog can increase the reach of your blog.

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