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If you want to know how to speed up your website, I will share the best solutions to speed up your website dependably. So, There are many reasons for your website’s bad performance, but do you still not understand the major problem is?

So let’s talk about the major problem of website speed performance. So just let me tell you below you can also check out the video, and that video will also be helpful for you if you wanted to speed up your website speed. 

4 ways to speed up your website

Before telling, you anything about increasing website speed, I just want to tell you that I already tried all these things, and I am getting good results. So, I thought I should share this with all new user. So let’s discuss the main things which you need to focus on for your website. 

1 – Hosting

So hosting is one of the major and essential parts of any website, and you can say the base of any website. But sometimes some people didn’t understand this thing and they but very cheap hosting from hosting company. And after that, they regret their buying. 

However, most of the people wanted to go for cheap hosting, and that’s a blunder all almost all the time. However, there are plenty of new websites are available in the market, who claims hosting just $1 per month or less than that. But I will never ever recommend you that type of hosting in your blogging journey.

Why shouldn’t you buy cheap hosting?

You might be seeing some video, or some of your friends recommend that. 

Hey buddy, this is the latest hosting company, and they are hosting plans at just @49Rs Per month. 

But these types of hosting companies didn’t provide you good speed. They don’t have SSD in their servers; they don’t offer good technical support. And you will be in trouble, and sometimes your website is getting visitors around 5k, they suspend your hosting, which can make you annoying. 

They don’t guarantee you Security.

Reasons You Should Avoid Cheap Hosting

  1. Speed: They cannot provide you the speed because they don’t have Good Servers or bandwidth. And if they cannot provide you the speed, that means your website will always down, and you will lose your almost every valuable users.
  2. Uptime: You will not get good Uptime; however, if you go on excellent hosting, they provide 99.98% uptime. But if you go for cheap hosting, you will get Uptime, around 80% to 95%. 
  3. Security: Security is also one of the most concerning things, and cheap hosting companies will tolerate this thing. And your website will never be secure in these types of hosting companies. And we all know nowadays a lot of hacking attack is going on, so we should use high security hosting provider.  
  4. No Backup: If you go for cheap hosting, you can suffer from no backup issue, or if your website is hacked or attacked, then your hosting provider doesn’t have a backup. You must be thinking, why? The simple answer is: They don’t have that many resources to keep all the things. 

So, these are the major things that you should consider before going for any hosting. 

Our Recommendations of Hosting Providers

Why do We recommend Hostinger? 

We are currently using Hostinger for the last 1 Year, and we are not facing any SEO on our websites. However, they also have high Uptime, High-Speed SSD, High Bandwidth, Good Technical Support, and all the things that good hosting requires. So, they do have all the features. And they are not that much expensive. 

2 – Caching Plugin & Connect With Cloud Flare

After hosting, caching comes, and every WordPress user needs to boost their website speed. Caching Plugin Creates Static HTML Pages of Your website and saves them on your server, which helps it to increase your website speed. 

Presently, Many caching plugins are available in the market, But they don’t provide you the excellent value you require for your website. Currently, our recommendation is WP Rocket, as this plugin works great and gives you excellent performance. 

It would help if you also use Cloudflare because it allows you to stop hacking attacks, and bot traffic & also helps to load your website quite faster. 

How Cloudflare Boosts Website Speed?

Cloudflare creates a copy of your website and saves it on its server. It will also decrease your server load. 

Cloudflare Features To Boost Website Speed?

  1. CDN (Content Delivery Network): This is one of the most fantastic Features. If you have more images on your website, you can use the CDN of Cloudflare to increase your website performance. 
  2. Minify CSS & java Scripts Files: Minifying will also remove the unwanted codes that the computer doesn’t need. It removes unnecessary whitespace, semicolons, etc. And this plugin makes JavaScript & CSS files slightly smaller, which boosts your website speed. 
  3. Reduce HTTP Request
  4. USE Browser HTTP Caching
  5. Don’t Use Redirects.

3 – WordPress Theme

So currently, many themes arrive daily, but you have to select the theme which is light and fast. If you go for any heavy theme, it will take a lot of time to load your website.

You can use a few themes to make your website fast. 

  1. GeneratePress
  2. Astra
  3. Neve
  4. Blocksy
  5. OceamWP

So, these are the most amazing and fastest themes you can use without any issue. 

4 – Image Optimization

Images play a crucial part in any website, and you should focus on images as well. However, most people upload high-quality images, which is not required.  

However, Google is focusing on WebP images because these types of images are very lite. And easy to load on mobile and desktop. You can also read our article related to how to upload WebP images on WordPress

4 ways to speed up your website


If you wanted to increase your website speed, you need to focus on four major things because you are missing many things: hostingCachingTheme & Image Optimization. If you are working on these things properly, your website will boost.  

If you have any queries, then comment below. 

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