What Is Google? | Founder | Changes 1997 Till Today

What Is Google? | Founder | Changes 1997 Till Today

Google is a Multinational Technology Company, and they specialize in Internet Related services and products, and that includes Online Advertising, Cloud Computing, SEO and many more things. Google was found in September 1998 By Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

What is Google?

What is google

Google is the largest Search Engine Company in the world if you search for anything; you will get the results in a lest then a second. And they are providing different types of service to worldwide, Like as Cloud Computing, Advertising etc. 

Most of the people still don’t know that google is available in each and place our life, if you are using an Android Smartphone then the operating system will be provided by Google, after that if you use Chrome then it’s also a product of Google if you use the play store. It’s also the same part of Google and many more things.

And they also wanted to target the mobile industry as well, so they introduced the Google Pixel in 2016, and they provide good quality of camera and hardware as well as. And from that time they are Launching their smartphone every year.

Now if we talk bout Google’s Daily Income then it’s near around $1Million US Dollar and you can calculate this with Indian Rupees. And you will understand how much they are earning on daily basis.

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Who is the Founder of Google?

Who is the Founder of Google

 So google is founded by Sergey Brin & Larry Page, and they are the student of Stanford University California, and they both were PhD Students. And then Google came to know, after all this they got their PhD Research Project, and they wanted to do something different, so they plan to do how to rank websites and how to compare website. And they are focusing only the keywords if you have a high number of same keywords then you will rank on google.

Google Changes & Updates From 1997 till Now

Google Changes & Updates From 1997 till Now

But in starting the day the search engine name is known as “googol” and they changed it to “Google” in 1997.

Google Made their first doodle Homepage in 1998, and till now they made more than 2000+, and they make a specific team for the same.

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In 2000 they Introduced “GAdWords”, and we all know that this is one of the most popular advertising company. They are making a lot of people living and providing them with good business through online service.

2004 They introduced Gmail, and now we all are using Gmail in their smartphone and computers, and they also provide good Gmail Data Store.

2005 They buy Company Keyhole and for a map and now they are running GMap, and in that, you will get earth App and 360 Degree View from your home.

2006 They buy Youtube, and now in youtube, 65 Hours video is uploading in Every Single Minute.

2007 They Buy Android platform, and as we all know, now it’s available in our smartphone and might be you are reading this article on the smartphone which has an android.

2008 They introduced their own browser Google Chrome, and now most of the people are using this browser.

2011 they introduced GPlus which was almost similar to Social Websites (Twitter & Facebook)

2012 they introduced their first Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update. & they also launched Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Now, this is not finished yet they also introduced Google Now & Google Voice Search Features & Google Assistant.  And that big achievement.

2013 Google Introduced to GGlass.

2015 is they come with VR HEAD SET that was used on that time.

2016 they introduced their first Smartphone with the name of Google Pixel. They also launch its Google Home.

2017 they launched google AI and G-lens, which is available in your smartphone.

These are the few things which they introduced and there are several things.

FAQ Of Google

FAQ of Google

Google Full Form?

G – Global

O – Organization Of

O – Oriented

G – Group

L – Language Of

E – Earth

Who are the Founder of Google?

Larry & Sergey Bin

Who is the CEO OF GOOGLE?

Sunder Pichai is the CEO.

Google IS belong from Which Country?

It’s an American Company.

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Android:- nowadays android is using almost every smartphone and now it’s a need for all of us. 

Search:- By using this you can search your queries and question, whatever you have in your mind.

Chrome Browser:- So the chrome is a browser which was launched by Google, and in this you can browse and download any type of file.

Blogger:- Now blogger is one the platform for those who wanted to explain their feeling and wanted to make a website.

Gmail:– Gmail is the type of service by which you can send email to anywhere in the world wide.

Chromecast:– It will help you to cast your favourite entertainment through your phone, tablet or Laptop to your TV or Speaker.

GPay:- By using this you can pay your, transfer money to bank account etc.

Books:- In this you can buy and read book and even some times you will get the book for free.

Calendar: – you will get all the updates of events and they will notify you all the updates of festival.

Docs: – G-docs will help you to manage your doc files and will help you to edit the same.

Drive:- Using G-Drive you can save your files and share with your friends and family whenever you required.

Maps: – By using G-map you can find any place and you don’t require to ask anyone anything.

AdWords: This will help you grow your business by advertising digitally.

AdSense: – By this you can earn money, just by placing Ads in your website.

Analytics: – by using this you can analysis your audience and you can check where they are coming from and how long they are interacting with your audience.

My Business: – It’s specially made for the business owner who wanted to grow themselves.

G-Now: – In this you no need to write anything just speak they will give you answer.

Photos: – By using this you can manage your photos in G-photos, and they will save in the same quality.

DUO: – By using this you can talk to your love once or your family by doing a video or audio call.

Translator: – By using this you can translate your content in Hindi To English, not only in this you can even translate in several languages.

YouTube: – In YouTube you can check out the video and learn some new thing which will helpful for you. So that’s all about Google We and we will updates you once we got to know some new updates.

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