Latest WP Rocket Plugin Settings | Guide To Boost Website Speed 2021

If you are new to blogging or working for a few years, you must hear about the WP Rocket plugin. If you didn’t, then you are missing a very important thing. 

Most people are majorly focused on increasing website speed only, so they cannot work correctly in other aspects of the website like On-Page SEO, Off-Page Seo, or Might because they are still not aware of the New SEO Factors 2021

But No Need To Worry Here I will be going to tell you everything about WP Rocket and going to help you to boost your website speed. In a few minutes, so please stick with us till the end of this article. 

And I will promise your website speed will be going to boost, and your website will be going to rock. 

What Is WP Rocket?

So what is Wp Rocket? Most beginners are not aware of this, so there is no need to worry; I am here to share everything about the wp rocket plugin. 

So Basically, WP Rocket is a premium Cache Plugin that is used in WordPress. So this plugin will help to open a website blazing fast, and after using this, your website opens super fast. And This will Going to help you to increase your website rankings, and also, you will get a very low bounce rate. 

But the primary thing is doing the best Wp Rocket Setting then it will boost your website performance, as we also know that Google is also added website speed in ranking factor. 

Wp Rocket Pros or Cons?

So as above, I already shared with you about WP Rocket. I will be going to share the Pros of WP Rocket which forces you to use this plugin. 


  • It will Boost Your Website Speed without Fail. 
  • Easy and Simple Interface.
  • Fantastic Support From the Team. 
  • If you are not happy with the premium version, you can ask for a refund within 14 days, and they will refund you the total amount. 
  • You will get the latest updates according to the changes on WordPress to enhance the website’s performance. 
  • Very Easy to Configure. 
  • You will Get Google Tracking Addon, Facebook Pixel, and Cloudflare add-on. 
  • Sitemap Preloading is available. 
  • GZIP Compression. 
  • Browser Caching. 
  • Google Fonts & Data Optimization
  • Lazy load
  • Defer JS Loading Options Available
  • Mobile Detection Options Available
  • DNS Prefetching 


  • You will not get any free version of this. It’s a paid plugin. 

Wp Rocket Full Setting Step By Step

So now below, you will get everything about WP Rocket Setting. So Read All The Steps Care Fully. 

Wp Rocket Dashboard

In the dashboard section, you don’t require to change anything. Over there, you can check out License Details and Expire Details. 

wp rocket dashboard

Wp Rocket Cache Settings

So now this is the basic set of wp Rocket Cache, which is also very important for your website load time on mobile. 

Just Enable Caching for mobile Devices and also Enable Sperate Cache Files For mobile devices.  Check out the below image for full detail. 

wp rocket Cache

WP Rocket File Optimization

So now this is one of the most important parts because by doing this, you are going to Minify CSS files, Minify Javascripts and that is a very necessary step to increase the speed of your website, with the help of any plugin. 

Enable the Below options. 

  • Minify CSS Files
  • Combine CSS files
  • Optimize CSS delivery
  • Minify JavaScript Files
  • Combine JavaScripit Files
  • Load JavaScript Deferred (Check these options according to your site) 
  • Delay JavaScript Execution

Check out the below images for more details. 

Wp Rocket File Optimization
Wp Rocket JavaScript Files

WP Rocket Media Settings

So now here you will get the options for media, by that, you can lazy load the images, iframes, and videos, 

you need to enable the below options. 

  • Enable For Image
  • Enable Iframes and videos
  • Replace Youtube iframe with preview images.
  • Add Missing Image Dimensions
  • Disable Worpdress Embeds. 
Wp Rocket Media Options
Wp Rocket Meida Settings

WP Rocket Preload Settings

After following these options, you need to do some settings according to your choice. And this will Preload the stuff from your website. 

Just Enable the options below. 

  • Activate Preloading
  • Activate Sitemap base Cache (Enter your sitemap in the box) 
  • Enable Link Preloading

Check out the below image for complete details. 

Wp Rocket Preload

WP Rocket Advanced Rules

So, if you wanted some URLs never to cache, you can use these rules to advance features. You can also use the options to help you never cache cookiesnever cache user agents. But for a beginner, these options are not that required. 

 WP Rocket Database Settings

So this option will be going to help you clean your post, comments, Transients & Database Cleanup. And by using this option, you can Schedule an Automatic Cleanup process. 

Options you can enable in this. 

  • Post Cleanup Revisions
  • Trash Posts 
  • Spam Comments
  • Trashed Comments
  • Expired Transients
  • optimize Tables
  • Schedule Automatic Cleanup Frequency (Daily, Weekly or monthly)  

Check the below images for Details. 

Wp Rocket Database Settings
Wp Rocket Database Settings 2021

WP Rocket CDN Settings

If you wanted to use the CDN setting, you could directly use these options by enabling, and you can add Cname. and you are ready to go. 

Check out the below image for complete details. 

Wp Rocket CDN Setting

WP Rocket Heartbeat Setting

Leave that option as default; check out the below image for the guide. 

Wp Rocket Hearbeat Settings

Wp Rocket Add-ons Setting

This option allows you to access google tracking, Facebook pixel, Varnish, Cloudflare, and Sucuri. If you require any of that options, you need to click on that option and enable the same. And you are ready to go. 

Wp Rocket Add Ons Settings
Wp Rocket Add Ons Settings Options

WP Rocket Image Optimization Setting

Using this, you can install Imagify, which will help you compress your website images. However, this is a premium plugin, but they are providing 20MB free for new users. And that’s not much enough. 

Wp Rocket Image Optimization

WP Rocket Tools Setting

This option will save a lot of time because you can export your complete setting of WP rocket, and you can send anyone and then can import in the wp and work done. So after that, you can also go for the RollBack service. If you face any issues, you can click to reinstall the version; after that, you can download the older version and use that instant of the new version. 

Wp rocket Tools Options

WP Rocket Tutorial Or Guide

In the last, you will get the option in which you can check out a lot of tutorial videos that will be going to help you to know more about Wp Rocket

wp rocket tutorials

WP Rocket Full Guide Step By Step

Wp Rocket Download

From Here you can download WP Rocket In the GPL version.

[su_button id=download url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef2d65″ size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Download WP Rocket GPL [/su_button]

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